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*Please note that these forms are for Penderbrook Homeowners and Residents only.
Architectural Modification Application
The repair, replacement, resurfacing, repainting, re-staining or maintenance of an original or previously approved Structure or component of a Structure does not require review or approval by the PCA Covenants Committee provided the repaired, replaced, resurfaced, repainted or re-stained Structure or component is substantially identical in appearance to what was originally installed or approved.  For example, replacing rotted wood with wood or composite material that will be painted does not require Covenants Committee approval.
Typically all other exterior changes do require an application and approval. This includes all additions, alterations and exterior changes to your property such as, but not limited to:
Addition or modification of a room, porch, deck, patio, awning, fence, wall, play equipment
Changes to exterior colors
Changes to the existing building material of a Structure or any individual component
Changes to landscaping or hardscaping
Any excavation that changes the flow of surface water 
Submission Process
Step 1 -- Complete this form with all required attachments.  A separate application is required for each addition, alteration and exterior change to your property.
Step 2 -- Obtain signatures from all neighbors adjoining your property
Step 3 -- Mail or scan/email this package to your Land-bay Property Manager (see Applicant Step 3) for initial review and approval by your Land-bay Architectural Review Board (ARB).  Check with your Land-bay Property Manager to determine the cut-off date for land-bay submissions each month. 
Once this package is initially approved by your Land-bay ARB, it will be forwarded to the PCA Covenants Committee for final approval.  The PCA Covenants Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Land-bay approved Packages must be submitted to the PCA Office no later than 7 days prior to the monthly PCA Covenants Committee meeting to be considered that month.   (Residents are encouraged to attend the Covenants Committee meeting to answer questions and clarify inputs.)
Please visit the "Association Documents" tab in the Members' section of the website to view the Design Standards and Maintenance Guidelines.



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