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Pool Facility Rules
HOURS - The hours of operation for each pool season are determined by the Penderbrook Board of Directors.  The pool may be closed at any time due to either mechanical breakdown, staffing issues, inclement weather or other operational difficulties at the discretion of pool management.  A 10-minute adult (18 years and older) swim will be held every hour on the hour.  Any resident found utilizing the pool between closing time and opening time will lose their pool privileges for the summer.
RESIDENTS/GUESTS - Use of the pool is restricted to Penderbrook residents with valid Penderbrook ids and their guests.  There is no exception.  All guests must be accompanied by a resident.  Each household unit is limited to four (4) guests per day.  There is a $2 (cash only) charge per guest.  Guest passes may be purchased from the pool staff during regular pool hours. 
CHILDREN - No child under the age of twelve (12) is permitted in the pool facility unless accompanied by, and under the constant supervision of, an adult resident or caregiver.  Diapered children must wear a leak-proof outer layer.
FLOTATION DEVICES/TOYS - No pool toys, rafts, floats, inner tubes, snorkels, etc. are permitted in the pool.  Exceptions may be made for water noodles, kick boards, nerf balls, and tempered glass swim masks.  Water-wings, or US Coast Guard approved Life Vests are the only flotation devices permitted in the pool.  Parents using these items must stay within arms reach of their child.  The pool staff may, at its sole discretion, ban the use of any device if it presents an inconvenience or safety hazard.
HYGIENE/SAFETY - All patrons are required to shower prior to entering the pool area.  Anyone with open wounds, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes, or communicable disease may be excluded from the pool facility at the discretion of the pool staff.
CONDUCT - The pool staff is responsible for maintaining order and control at all times.  Diving or flipping into the pool, running, wrestling, pushing, shouting, spitting, gum chewing, throwing objects to someone entering the pool from the deck area and general horseplay are not tolerated.  Profanity is prohibited.  The pool staff and PCA management have the authority to remove anyone that does not comply with the rules. 
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND FOOD - Alcoholic beverages, and beverages and food in glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.
SMOKING - Smoking is strictly prohibited in all pool areas.
RADIOS/PORTABLE MEDIA PLAYERS - Patrons may use personal radios, portable media players and handheld game consoles with headphones only. 
PERSONAL ITEMS/LOST & FOUND - Personal items must be removed when you leave each day.  The staff will not store personal items overnight.  The staff will maintain a "Lost & Found";  items not claimed after seven (7) days will be discarded.
ATTIRE - Proper bathing suit attire and footwear must be worn when entering the pool facility.  Cut-offs are not permitted.  Children that are not toilet trained and individuals that are incontinent must wear a swim diaper in the pool.  Diapered children must also wear a leak-proof outer layer.
PETS - No pets (except Service Animals) are permitted in the pool facility.
FAIRFAX COUNTY REGULATIONS - Changes in Fairfax County regulations may dictate alterations to the above stated rules.
Fitness Center Rules (click here)
Tennis Rules
Reservations - In a continued effort to ensure that the Penderbrook tennis courts are utilized exclusively by Penderbrook residents, the PCA has updated its court reservation procedure.  To make a reservation, you must come to the PCA Office and present your valid 2016 Penderbrook ID card when making your first reservation of the season.  A list will be maintained at the office and your phone reservations will then be accepted for the remainder of the season. Please call the PCA Office at 703-359-7084 with any questions.
Friday reservations may not be made prior to Thursday.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday evening reservations may not be made prior to Friday.  There is a limit of one reserved time slot per day.
Reservation lists are posted at the entrance to the tennis courts by 5:00 pm each weekday and 5:00 pm on Friday for weekend play.
Reservation times begin at the start of each hour.  If you are unable to make your reserved time, please call to cancel your reservation.  If you have not arrived within 10 minutes of your start time, your reservation will be forfeited.
Time - Court time is limited to one hour for singles and two hours for doubles.  Play is limited to designated time if there are people waiting.  Please be courteous!
Attire - Tennis shoes and proper attire are required.  Shirts must be worn at all times and bathing suits are not permitted.
Children - Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Children under 18 must yield courts to adults after 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

No pets, bicycles, skateboards or scooters are permitted on the courts.

No radios are to be played on the courts.

No food, alcohol or glassware is permitted within the court area.



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