Swimming Pool
We are excited to announce that the Penderbrook Community Pool will open is open for lap swimming and aquatic exercise lane walking. There are several new mandatory guidelines that must be followed to establish a safe environment for patrons and staff. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these guidelines and look forward to seeing you at the Penderbrook Community Pool!
General Information
  •  The pool will be open under Phase 2 guidelines set forth by the State of Virginia, unless otherwise stated by the Penderbrook Community Association Board of Directors, Fairfax County Government, the State of Virginia, or the United States Federal Government
                o Reasons for pool closure may include, but not limited to, COVID-19 exposure, inability to consistently abide by the policies outlined below, dangerous weather, or preemptively to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or other disease
  • In order to ensure six (6) feet of distance between individuals/groups as mandated by the Governor and the Commonwealth of Virginia, Crystal Aquatics or Penderbrook Community Association delegates will have the authority to request increased distancing between any set of people that are not of the same family/group
  • If individual(s) do not heed the advice of increased distancing, the individual(s) may be asked to vacate the pool area and forfeit their swimming time slot.
Pool Operating Hours
  • The pool will be open from 10:00 AM until 6:50 PM, every day of the week
  • The pool will be operating with six (6) time slots, each fifty (50) minutes in length, each day, Sunday through Saturday
               o A schedule of available times can be found on the Penderbrook Community Association Omnify website 
  • After the expiration of a fifty (50) minute swimming time slot, the pool and surrounding area will be vacated to allow for cleaning
                 o There will be alternating cleaning, in lengths of ten (10) and thirty (30) minutes, in between swimming time slots
  • Appointments can only be made by, and for, residents of the Penderbrook Community
                 o Visitor(s)/Guest(s) are not permitted at this time
                   o Must create an account with an active residential address within the Penderbrook Community
                   o Appointments will be verified upon arrival prior to your scheduled appointment time
  • Appointments are open from June 26, 2020 through September 7, 2020 (Labor Day)
  • Appointments for each day will be available seven (7) days in advanced
  • You must promptly vacate the swimming pool at the end of your scheduled appointment. Failure to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment will result in forfeiture of missed time.
  • You may reserve a maximum of three non-consecutive appointments per week (i.e. you may reserve the same time Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; however, you may not reserve three consecutive times on Monday). Residents in violation of this rule will have excess   appointments canceled. Repeat violations will be reviewed and risk suspension from scheduling.
Check-In Process
  •  Appointments will enter the area via the outdoor gate. Markings and signage will be present to assist residents in navigating check in.
  •  You will be asked screening questions by a life guard prior to being admitted to the pool area. If you answer positively to any screening question, you will be asked to forfeit your appointment.
  •  You will be asked to sign a General Waiver & Release From Liability Form. Please sign the form and bring it with you at check in. 
Open Pools
  •  The main pool, divided into swim lanes, will be open
  •  The diving board, and associated pool, will be open
  •  The wading pool will be closed
Type of Swimming
  • The pool will be divided into six (6) swim lanes, separated by appropriate swim lane dividers.
  • For the first week, there will be one (1) person per lane per fifty (50) minute time slot.
  • After the first week, the swim lanes will be accommodating three (3) swimmers at a time, keeping a distance of ten (10) feet between swimmers.
  • Swimmers must remain within their respective lanes, entering and exiting the pool from the wall at the end of the lanes.
  • Swimmers requiring assistance to swim and maintain required distance between other swimmers are prohibited from entering the pool.
  • Every time slot will have one (1) designated lane for lane walking, as opposed to lane swimming, maintaining social distancing recommendations.
  • Residents will be required to wear masks while inside the facility.
  • Residents will need to wear their masks from the entrance until they reach their destination at the pool. Once they reach their destination, they may remove their mask during swimming. When moving around outside the pool or exiting the facility, the mask must be worn.
Entering and Exiting the Facility
  •  Please follow the markings and signage directing you to the one-way entrance and exit of the facility. Doors will remain propped open to reduce contact surfaces.
  •  Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at the entrance and exit of the facility.
Restrooms and Locker Room
  • The Men and Women’s Locker Rooms on the lower level will be closed to residents 
  • It is recommended that patrons use the shower at home prior to entering the pool.
  • The Saunas will be closed.
  • Water fountains will be closed to direct drinking. 
 Furniture (e.g., chairs, benches, racks) will not be permitted around the pool.
 No equipment (to include, but not limited to: toys, sports equipment) is to be shared between individuals from different groups.