Fitness Center
Penderbrook Photo ID with 2021 sticker required for entry. Staff reserves the right to refuse entry if ID has not been updated.

Synergy is happy to announce operation of your Fitness Center in a limited capacity. We look forward to seeing you over the coming weeks! We want to assure the community that every policy has been implemented with resident safety as the top priority. We ask that everyone follow these policies to ensure all residents and staff are as safe as possible during this time. We will continue to evaluate the changing environment and information and adapt accordingly.
New Operating Hours
Mon: 2 PM-9 PM
Tue: 2 PM-7 PM
Wed: 2 PM-9 PM
Thu: 7 AM-12 PM
Fri: 7 AM-12 PM
Sat: 8 AM-2 PM
  • Individual appointments must be reserved for regular workouts in the Fitness Center to ensure mandatory building occupancy and social distancing guidelines are met.
  • Appointments will be limited to residents aged 16 and older.
  • Appointments will begin at the top of each hour and last 45 minutes. The remaining 15-minute interval will allow staff adequate time to ensure sanitation between appointments.
  • You must promptly vacate the Fitness Center at the end of your scheduled appointment. Failure to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment will result in forfeiture of missed time.
  • Appointments will need to be made through our Calendly schedule link prior to coming to the facility.
    • Links to our Calendly schedule will be distributed weekly in the Community Newsletter and available on
    • Appointments for each week will go live four days prior to the start of the week.
    • Booking multiple appointments in one day is not permitted.
  • Appointments that need to be changed can be done via the Calendly confirmation email or Calendly appointment reminder email.
    • Failure to reschedule or cancel an appointment that needs to be changed, resulting in a NO SHOW, will incur penalties. 
    • Appointments must be changed a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the start to avoid NO SHOW penalty. 
    • First and second NO SHOW appointments within a 30-day period will result in a warning e-mail from Synergy. 
    • The third NO SHOW within that 30-day period will result in a suspension of Fitness Center privileges for 30-days from the date of the third NO SHOW.
    • If you are experiencing difficulties with cancelling appointments, please contact to avoid incurring NO SHOW penalties.
Check In Process:
  • Appointments will enter the building via the outdoor upper level. Markings and signage will be present to assist residents in navigating check in.
  • You must present your current Penderbrook ID to the staff member at check in to verify appointment. You will not be admitted to the building without your current (up-to-date sticker) Penderbrook ID.
  • Lower level access will only be provided to residents requiring ADA accessibility. Please note your requirement for ADA accessibility at the time of your appointment, and a staff member will meet you on the lower level after completing upper level check ins.
General Facility Information:
  • Masks (Updated and Effective March 22, 2021)
    • Residents will be required to wear masks at all times while inside the facility.
    • Designated, numbered fitness zones are present inside the facility. Residents are permitted to remove mask while exercising as an individual inside a designated, numbered fitness zone.
    • Residents must replace mask each and every time they step outside of a designated, numbered fitness zone; no exceptions.
    • Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension!
    • Fitness Center Staff and Representatives from PCA will be monitoring for compliance:
      • Failure to comply with the mask policy, resulting in correction by Fitness Center Staff or Representatives from PCA, will incur penalties.
      • First violation will result in a verbal warning.
      • Second violation will result in forfeiture of appointment and suspension of Fitness Center privileges for 30-days from the date of the second violation.
  • Entering and Exiting the Facility
    • Please follow markings and signage around the facility. Doors will remain propped open to reduce contact surfaces.
    • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at the entrance and exit of the facility.
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms
    • The Men and Women’s Locker Rooms on the lower level will be closed to residents using the Fitness Center. 
    • The Restroom located outside of the Fitness Center will be open.
    • The Saunas will be closed.
    • Water fountains will be closed to direct drinking. The water bottle filling station will remain open. Residents are encouraged to bring a full water bottle from home.
  • Equipment
    • Residents are asked to respect a 20 minute limit on in demand equipment during workout.
    • No equipment that cannot easily be disinfected will be offered in the facility (i.e. exercise mats, yoga equipment, resistance bands, etc.). Residents are able to bring this equipment from home for personal use.
    • In order to ensure 10 feet of distance between equipment as mandated by the Governor and the Commonwealth of Virginia, select equipment will be placed out of service. Do not attempt to use equipment placed out of service.
    • Residents are expected to thoroughly wipe down equipment after personal use with provided sanitizing wipes and encouraged to do so prior to use.
  • Group Fitness
    • roup Fitness classes will continue outdoors until further notice.
Outdoor Fitness Schedule
Sign up here and let us know you're coming! Please bring your own mat and a full water bottle in preparation for your workout. 
  • The Power Sculpt class is a weightlifting class. Participants will need to arrive 15 minutes ahead of class to pick up weights and will need a mask to enter the facility.
  • Classes will meet as scheduled unless thunder/lightening is present, active disruptive precipitation is falling, or there has been a period of prolonged precipitation resulting in an unsafe workout surface. The instructor will provide updates on inclement weather days.
  • Yoga will meet virtually until further notice; join the class or find more information about our Virtual Yoga by visiting Penderbrook on Synergy's website. Class password: synergy.
Virtual Fitness Classes 
Synergy has re-centered the company focus to virtual classes to help our clients alleviate stress and continue to work towards fitness goals. You can join in whether you have an abundance of equipment or none at all! Invite family, friends, and colleagues to join you. 
Find the schedule, information on how to join a workout, and recordings of past classes here 
May 2021 Virtual Class Schedule
Access these FREE weekly classes on the Synergy Website.
Class Password: synergy
On Demand, 24/7 Access to our entire Virtual Fitness Library available for $19.99/month.