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The Penderbrook Swim Team
Posted on Apr 29th, 2011

I hope everyone is getting excited for the summer as we wind down the school year! I had a couple of notes for you.
1. Team Registration
I wanted to send an email reminder to register for swimming by June 23rd. Penderbrook needs to have an accurate count for swimmers and I want to try and plan for the team ahead. I attached the registration forms again.
2. Tshirt Orders
Congratulations to Elizabeth C. for her winning Tshirt design!!
I have attached the T-shirt order form and a picture of what the shirts will look like. Our shirts will be royal blue again this year. Please note the deadline for ordering and paying for shirts is in a week on June 23rd!!! I know it is an early deadline date, but due to a miscommunication with the Printing company, it is the only way we can get the shirts in time for the season!
I will be leaving for China on the 27th and will be gone up until a few days before practice starts. I will put the order into the company on the 23rd. Because I will be gone and not have access to email or phone, I have to hold to this date.
Tshirts will be $12 each this year.
I must receive your check BY June 22nd in order to secure your shirt! Because I need to pay for the shirts in advance, I need to have all of the money upfront prior to ordering shirts. Any shirts that are not paid for will not be ordered.
The check can be addressed to :
Nicole Fregelette
2040 N Vermont St, Apt 206
Arlington, VA 22207
(Please mail the check, and do not drop it off at the Penderbrook Office.)
Please email or call if you have any questions!
Coach Nicole