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Golf Course Advisory Council News
Posted on May 4th, 2011


Last year the Golf Course Advisory Council updated the Penderbrook residents
on Golf Course Clubhouse & other facilities. Since then this Council/Penderbrook Board of Directors have approved/completed the following projects - just to name a few: the corroded power line was replaced from the pump house to the turnaround house (provides power to restrooms and kitchen). The broken/rusted riser in Pond #10 was replaced (holds water in 2 ponds for irrigation of course). In addition, a new contract is in place for algae/weed maintenance in Pond #1; 4 missing Tee markers will be installed; all greens bunkers are getting new sand and several ball washers have been purchased and installed.
Projects and plans for the next 6 months, and the next 10 years, are being discussed by this Council and are yet to be determined. We are in the process of putting together a list of items that must be addressed through replacement, repair, or renewal on the golf course, such as items that affect revenue, aesthetics, and/or maintenance/repair. Examples: additional sand for fairway sand traps, replacement irrigation system, replacement air conditioning/heating systems for the golf course clubhouse, replacement front awning.
Soon there will be a survey placed on the Penderbrook Association webpage that will invite our residents to provide information toward improving our golf course. Golf tournaments and other upcoming events will also be publicized on the webpage. As always, if you would like to volunteer to help at the golf course please contact Stacen Gant, General Manager at 703-385-3700.
We are pleased to announce, with the dedicated help of Cardinal Management - Brian Cramp, that our Penderbrook entrance monuments now include “A Golf Course Community.” In addition the lettering is a darker color and there is beautiful new landscaping so that the signs can be easily read/noticed from the street. Quite some time ago our Council envisioned this concept and we are thrilled that now Penderbrook has the ability to inform everyone who passes by that there is a golf course located within our Community.
Your Golf Course Advisory Council is looking forward to the continuation of renewing our beautiful golf course - our vital asset in Penderbrook and to see more and more customers coming to play golf in our Community.