Posted on Jun 21st, 2016

The PCA semi-annual assessment ($375) is due July 1 and considered late after July 30.  You should have received your invoice in the mail.  Payment can be made by mail to Penderbrook Community Association c/o Cardinal Management Group, PO Box 71209, Philadelphia, PA  19176-6209 or by dropping your check off at the PCA Office.  Checks should be made payable to PCA.  You can also help reduce the costs to the Association by opting to pay the PCA semi-annual dues using direct debit.  Click here to download and print the direct debit form.  Those that are enrolled in the Cardinal Management direct debit program do not receive an invoice or coupon book.  Please note that you will still receive invoices and a coupon book if you are enrolled in your own online bill pay through your individual bank.  **(The residents of Penderbrook Square do not make separate payment to the PCA as their assessment is included with their monthly condo fees.)**  Please contact Tareica Draper at or 703-565-5255 with any Penderbrook accounting questions.