Ordering Resale/Disclosure Documents
Posted on Sep 2nd, 2020

Did you know that if you are selling your home you are obligated to supply resale/disclosure documents to prospective buyers? Every owner in Penderbrook is required to order documents regarding the Penderbrook Community Association from Cardinal Management Group. Every owner is also required to order documents from their individual landbay Condo/HOA group.
Owners residing in The Heights, The Greens, or The Mews will be ordering both sets of documents from Cardinal Management Group. Owners residing in Fairways, Inverness, Oxford House or Penderbrook Square will need to order one set from Cardinal Management and the second set from the individual landbay Condo/HOA group. Documents are ordered online at Cardinal Management Group's website: Click on the link that says "order Resale and Other Documents: which will take you to the CondoCerts website at